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Tulip 3P Media Pvt. Ltd is a media organization specializing in B2B focused Publications, market Research and Events.

About Stone & Tile India (STI)

A bi- monthly magazine for Stone & Tile Manufacturers, Processors, Distributors and End Users. With the initial circulation of 15,000 copies it aims to deliver its audience, the integrated outreach and connection to prospects. A reliable source for industry news, trends, technology, and information, advancing to the global business. We are committed to provide quality content with the aim to showcase the

  • Introduction of new products & developments
  • Educate users on product use
  • Share new technologies
  • Demonstrate equipment capabilities
  • Present product applications
  • Review business strategies
  • Gather manufacturers, customers & prospects at one platform

About STI’s Online Presence

To support the print edition we publish the same online on our website ( and e-magazine ( Website carries the entire content of the magazine under various Segments like News, Interviews, Events, Special Features, Industry Trends and Technical Articles etc. While the e-magazine offers the virtual copy of the magazine where the readers can simply flip & read the magazine whenever & wherever. We also maintain searchable online archives of both the e-magazine and the articles posted on website.