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Kalingastone Redefining Lifestyles

Left to right:Mr. K. M. Swamy - Director, Classic Marble CompanyMr.Amit Shah - Director, Classic Marble CompanyMr. Subodh Shah - Director, Classic Marble Company

Left to right: : Mr. K. M. Swamy – Director, Classic Marble Company / Mr.Amit Shah – Director, Classic Marble Company / Mr. Subodh Shah – Director, Classic Marble Company

The journey of connoisseurship was initiated in 1994 by Mr. Mafatlal P. Shah, the founder & Chairman, under whose leadership Mr. K.M. Swamy, Mr. Subodh Shah and Mr. Amit Shah embarked their journey at Classic Marble Company (CMC). Over the span of just 18 years it has grown over 700 employees having 4 factories spread over 500,000 sq.m. With its continuous R&D efforts the company has redefined lifestyles with the art of creating beauty in stone. The company has numerous distributors and sales agents across the world and has a collective presence in 5 continents. Raising the company in a short span, thereby setting new trends and attaining global leadership position must have gone through different/series of ideas. To get the knack of those ideas team STI interacted with Mr. Subodh Shah, Director, Classic Marble Company.

Idea behind Kalingastone

Marble as a category product and more popularly as a flooring option has been the favourite and topped the list for various reasons for centuries together. But due to continuously increasing demand from all over the globe, quarry operations had multiplied and chances were high that being a natural resource, one day marble would go extinct. This is when the technology to produce engineered/composite/agglomerate marble was invented. CMC claims to be the first company in India to introduce engineered marble and quartz and educate the India consumer about the advantages. And, ultimately in 2009, Kalingastone-Italian design, the company’s engineered marble and quartz division was launched at Marmomacc, Italy. Kalingastone has since then, been launched at 4 continents and over 21 cities across the world.

Factory CopyExclusivity of Kalingastone

Kalingastone boasts one of the largest offerings of exquisite eco-friendly marble and quartz for clients to choose from. Engineered stones from Kalingastone score very high marks on strength, durability and appearance. Stones from the brand are also crack-free, stain resistant, waterproof and consistent in design. Engineered marble has many advantages, few of which are easy installation, lower cost and lifelong durability, no maintenance, especially designed for infrastructural projects such as airports, train stations, commercial buildings and engineered stone is also used in residential complexes.

Inside Factory CopyManufacturing Facilities & Technological Forte

CMC understands its clients to the minutest extent and hence caters to them accordingly. The company, sources marble from over 40 countries around the world and offers a range of over 500 varieties of stone. As for infrastructure, to optimize development and improvement, all stones go through rigid quality control tests. The company uses imported epoxy in order to impart strength to the stones and automized resin and polishing line to give an international finish to its products. Under the supervision of its European experts, high end machines are used to render varied finishes to its product range. The products are already being marketed in Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. Company offers a huge variety of 150 stones in its engineered stone category which gives the customer an array of choice. At natural marble facility, where the processing and sorting is done, they have installed all modern amenities such as 10 marble cutting gang saws, 2 granite cutting gang saws, 200 m long gantry, automated resin filling unit, UV & polishing unit, 2 marble and 1 granite trimming machines. Per day marble & granite manufacturing capacity is 150,000 sq.ft. The available natural marble & granite processed slabs at Mumbai & Silvassa is 400,000 at given point of time.

The Kalingastone facility is spanning over 200,000 churning out 150 designs in marble and quartz. CMC has sourced latest polishing machines from SIMEC (Italy) with 36 polishing heads which imparts glossiness between 80-90%. Further, they have 2 production lines for marbles producing 60,000 sq.ft. and 1 for quartz producing 15,000 sq.ft. per day. The company uses imported epoxy in the manufacturing process, in order to impart strength to the stones and atomized resin and polishing line to give an international finish to its products.

Inside Factory 2 CopyMarket Served

The Kalingastone collection has been successfully and beautifully used at airports, metro stations, malls & multiplexes, amusement parks, high end technology parks, numerous hospitality projects, luxury & premium residences and office spaces. CMC at regular intervals has been introducing products and discovering technologies to create product lines. The company has recently come up with ‘Bathroom Concetti’ and special colours and range for the kitchen as apart from the living room and the bedroom, the design challenge now also lies on creating innovative and interesting bathroom and kitchen spaces. Be it India or over 22 cities across the globe, the major customers for CMC & Kalingastone comprise of architects, interior designers, builders & contractors. As for the primary markets are concerned in India they include Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata basically comprising of all Tier I & Tier II markets in the country. Internationally it serves South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Image CopyStrategy for Bathroom Concetti

The strategy is to take the conceptual product to the next level, in order to enhance the beauty of your bathroom, called Bathroom Concetti. My space my life – Bathroom Concetti is a well-researched product that stretches exclusivity to your bathrooms in the form of pre-polished agglomerate marble tiles. Bathroom Concetti is an ideal option in terms of size, colours, designs and easy installation procedures. It brings out the beauty of natural marble, having less joints enhances its looks. It is available in cut to size so no wastage. It is easy to maintain and can be re-polished.

Views on the Stone Industry

The stone industry in India has grown substantially over the last decade in terms of products, quality, sales & service and logistical support. The industry is also soon catching up in after sales services, with an increased focus on building and maintaining client relationships. More and more developers and architects are favouring the idea of adopting eco-friendly products in India and internationally. Engineered marble which is made from natural marble powder, mined from quarries is becoming the preferred choice of flooring for its green qualities. In India the concept is still at a nascent stage. CMC has adopted the GO GREEN mantra, making optimum use of natural resources at all their manufacturing units.

Products Copy

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