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Aferin! Turkish Pavilion, Stonemart 2015

Stonemart 8Organized by Centre for Development of Stones (CDOS), in collaboration with FICCI and RIICO, STONE MART 2015, was host to many countries across the globe. And the Turkish Pavilion, with its theme this year “Discover the Potential” truly stood out. Spanning over an area of 1200 Sq mt., an impressive display was put up by 39 participating companies from Turkey. The finest quality of Turkish Marble and Travertine dominated the displays of the pavilion.

Mr. Ali KAHYAOĞLU, Chairman of the Board, İstanbul Maden İhracatçıları Birliği (IMIB) sounded optimistic about the growing trade prospects with India. “It is getting bigger. We saw Block Marble and Travertine exports worth 60 Million USD with India last year and it is ever increasing.” With a firm vision to increase Turkey’s natural stone exports, he sees India as their main export market. He added, “We would prefer to see India’s import quota norms relaxed so we can export more of Turkey’s best marble and other natural stones. India is our preferred supplier of Granite and we would like to see higher import numbers from India.”

Different hues, patterns and colors of the finest Beige colored marble could be seen across the stalls. Marble and Travertine, mined from quarries across Turkey, has been used from the Vatican to the White House. Turkey, traditionally, has been a big producer of Marble and Limestone. Marble dominates the splendid, world-famous architecture of Turkey. From mosques to urban buildings, Turkey has been mining and using marble since centuries. Some of the quarries are almost 2000 years old.

The vibrancy of the range of colors and patterns is showcased by the simplicity of the beige color. “There are around 30 to 40 different types of Beige Marble. The lighter hues are used mostly as flooring, tiles etc while the darker varieties of Biege marble are used for designs and inlay work. Not just biege, one can see grey, white and black colours in Turkish Marble too,” informed Bülent Tatlıcan of the Natura Magazine while elucidating the history of Turkish architecture.

The stalls at the Turkish Pavilion showcased many types of Marble and their names are equally fascinating. Crema Moccha, Brown Royal Mystic, Iltas Emperador, Spyder Cream are some of the varieties of Biege marble on display at the İltas Marble stall. Muhammet CAN, Export Manager of the firm, while explaining his company’s operations, said, “We have been regularly participating in India and STONEMART over the last few years. Our major export is Travertine. We have seen almost 70 percent increase in our firm’s exports to India.”

Bigger companies like Marmor Marbles and Babomar Mermer SAN. VE. TIC. Ltd. STI. have agents in India. Marmor Marbles has been exhibiting in India for the last 15 years. Kaptan Marble, another firm from Turkey, coming to Jaipur for the first time, had on display some very unique colored samples including black and dark grey marble mined from quarries in Siras region. Hasan Karaarslan of the sales dept. Added “This is our first time in Jaipur and we are looking forward to satisfactory sales figures.”

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