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Inani Marbles: Eying Big Projects

We are basically targeting new projects to quantify our business on big scale without compromising the quality. We intend to serve individual customers as well with our products, but bigger projects give you more width to operate and get noticed.

Inani-1Incorporated in 1987, Inani Marbles and Industries Ltd., today, is one of the noted natural stone players in North India. Based at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, the 100 percent EOU company deals in wide variety of stones ranging from granite, Indian marble, quartzite, sandstone and imported marble. Inani Marbles has a huge production capacity of 600, 000 sq ft/month and is laced with latest, cutting-edge technology for stone processing. Having own mines at Jalore, Devgarh, Banswara, Barmer, etc., imparts Inani Marbles complete control over the production process which is helpful in meeting the customers’ specifications.

Inani Marbles’ effort to infuse new stone varieties in the market constantly and it’s collaborative business model with architects, contractors, builders and wholesalers have earned it a niche place in the world stone marketplace. Stone and Tile in India had a brief but informative exchange with Mr. Anuj Inani, Director, Inani Marbles, recently to get an idea about recent endeavors and future targets. Here are the excerpts:

Stone and Tile in India: Let’s have a brief profiling of Inani Marbles.

Anuj Inani: We are basically based in Chittorgarh. Inani Marbles started its business with marbles, later diversified into granite and other natural stones. We are into granites for last five years. In nutshell, Inani Marble’s product portfolio today includes granite, Indian marble, quartzite, sandstone and imported marble. The company presently meets the stone requirements of USA, Europe, and the Middle East North Africa (MENA Region), UAE and other countries.

The company has consistently tried to infuse new stone types in natural stone market the world over. Our synergy with almost all stakeholders in natural stone business has garnered us a name which stands out and the same has provided us with many landmark projects where our contribution has been applauded by all. We do almost everything a stone requires viz. slabs, Blocks and cut-to-size as per customer’s specifications.

Inani Marbles is one of the most credible suppliers of natural stones in the world and to stay competitive we have established a warehouse in the Sharjah, UAE and planning for more such warehouses in other parts of the world.

STI: Does Inani Marbles have its own quarries?

AI: Yes. We have our own quarries at Jalore, Devgarh, Barmer, Baswara, etc. in Rajsthan in addition to quarriesin other states. All these quarries collectively produce more the 20 colors in North India. Abundant with granite, Marble, Quartzite and sand stone deposits, these quarries are spread across North India.

Apart from the world class Infrastructure, ownership of quarries gives Inani Marbles an unmatched edge in the marketplace. These quarries produce granite, marble, quartzite and sand stone of superior quality giving us the unique edge of assured homogeneity in stone.

STI: Tell us about the capacity you can process.

AI: We can process 600,000 sq ft a month.

STI: What technology do you have for stone processing?

AI: We have all the required technology for processing of stones at our units. To be specific, we have 6 Jumbo Granite Gangsaws, 12 Multi Granite Cutters, 11 Marble Gangsaws, 5 Automatic Slab Polishers, 2 Automatic Resin Treatment Plant, 4 CNC Bridge Cutting Machines, etc.

See, everybody can do slabs. What we do is the value addition work in addition to doing slabs. Customers want to see the difference you can bring to products what other can’t. We are doing products of all thicknesses viz. 50 mm, 80 mm, 130 mm, etc. We are the north India’s biggest fully automatic Italian processing facility located in chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

Moreover, the value addition by waterjet machine is going to impart unique edge to our products. We just have installed it and it is ready for operation.

STI: Inani Marbles has many accomplished projects to its repertoire. Tell us something about them.

AI: We have done many projects so far, in UAE, Qatar, Russia, etc. The company is supplying our products in a big way to the Middle East and the South East Asia.

To name, few of them are Al Raha Beach Freehold Residential Towers, Abu Dhabi; Bahrain City Centre, Manama, Bahrain; Burj Khalifa, Dubai; The Lagoons Sales Center, Dubai; Mirdif City Center, Dubai; Sama Towers, Dubai; Sidra Tower, Dubai; Villa at California – USA; Dubiotech Park, Dubai; etc.

STI: Any current projects worth mentioning?

AI: We are doing a project called Zabeel Palace Majlis, Dubai (Sheikh’s Palace). We are doing the driveway and landscaping with granite. It’s 8 cm thickness granite to be used for the project. Inani Marbles is committed to deliver 90 containers in 90 days for the project.

Other highly coveted project which we are doing is Qatar Fifa – 2020.

Inani-2STI: Tell us something about your range of products. What makes your products exclusive compared to others’ in market?

AI: We are one of the biggest exporters, mine owners, manufacturers of marble, granite, quartzite, and sandstone, which have been made possible by the existence of almost all conceivable stone varieties in our product portfolio. But, innovation is a never ending process. We try to do innovation with every product to evolve some yet unknown features. This includes giving innovative looks to even exiting products.

Inani Marbles endeavors to launch new products every month to quench the customer’s growing desire for new things. This becomes quite necessary to provide our customers with fresh products to keep their interest alive in stones and in us. We have a fully dedicated R&D facility charged with exploring different style of work on stones.

STI: Any specific targets for next 2-3 years?

AI: We are basically targeting new projects to quantify our business on big scale without compromising the quality. We intend to serve individual customers as well with our products, but bigger projects give you more width to operate and get noticed. This is the reason why Inani, today, has made a name for itself in the world market.

STI: Inani Marbles claims to be No. 1 in Indian stone business. What makes you believe so?

AI: Of course, we are among the best in the country, but with all humility we credit ourselves as No.1 granite manufacturer in North India. Our top position is vindicated by our scale of operation and satisfied customers. This is because we don’t believe in approaching to 100 percent of clientele; we target only 5 percent of existing customers-the best of them. Inani Marbles intends to serve these customers satisfactorily and retain them absolutely. If you are able to retain a customer, that is customer; if the customer does not come back, he was not your customer in first place. Inani Marble has unmatched history of full customer retention, and that makes us No. 1.

STI: What, in your opinion, is the core strength of Inani Marbles?

AI: We are down-to-earth people and believe in the strengths of joint family institution. There is clear-cut division of work in our family as far as the business is concerned which makes the operation systematic and smooth. No one interferes in others’ line of work which ensures absolute liberty of thought and action yielding the best of the results. We work in organized manner, that’s our strength.

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