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OMAG: The Technology for Art

“OMAG machines are precious instruments capable of making objects of art, architecture, furniture, and household. They replace many traditional machines allowing a more rational use of factory space and open new, interesting, and profitable opportunities.”

OMAGOMAG S.p.A, founded in 1979 in Italy by Angelo Albani, develops specialized machinery for working in marble, granite, porphyritic, sedimentary stones and glass. The company produces modern, computer controlled machines. Its large modern facilities allow for constant testing of materials, tools and software development as well as an ever expanding product base. For computerized machines, OMAG does in-house software development which is subjected to extensive trial run to see its compatibility with machines. Machines are customized as per the customer’s needs and specifications which are then installed personally by the company’s personnel.

Stone and Tile in India conducted a brief exchange with Marco Cavalleri, Managing Director, OMAG S.p.A to know about their latest technology offering and expectations from the Indian market.

Stone and Tile in India: Tell us briefly about OMAG.

Marco Cavalleri: Since 1979, it has been more than 35 years for OMAG facilitating technology for stone and glass industry. In India too, we have a long history as we are active in this market since 1981 when we sold our first machine. The core philosophy of our company is researching for the technology which is yet unknown and which can really be a technology in terms of cutting your present cost and labor. Our technology does not simply intend to current productivity level marginally, but it aims a significant improvement over all existing technology over the world as we really value the customer’s money.

Our technology is recognized the world over. If someone is looking for a technology not available in the market, OMAG will find a way to make it. OMAG’s customization of machines is unmatched as we know what our customers exactly want. All our machines are named after customers. In that sense, there are no standard OMAG machine, what exits is customer’s machine.

STI: What are the important technological offerings to stone industry?

MC: Right now, the main machine in the market is Five Axes. We will be bringing Seven Axes also to market in coming times. Then, there is a big machine called Tower 7 (called so because of size) measuring 6 m vertically. These machines have been introduced in Verona in 2014, which are now ready to be catered to the International market. These are not machines for everybody; these are machines for big and specialized manufacturers and are out of race of standard machines.

STI: Share with us some interesting features of these machines?

MC: These are computerized or robotized machines. However, there may be limit on the power of robots; machines have no limit on the power. Five Axes and Seven Axes machines are able to utilize large blades with which one can cut high thickness material. Long tools can be utilized to perform extremely fine carving. Even if you don’t do carving, you can simply use the machines as cutting tool. As I said earlier, these machines are not for everyone; these are meant for those who are already in upper league of technology and are utilizing it in big way; you don’t buy Five or Seven Axes with nothing.

OMAG machines are precious instruments capable of making objects of art, architecture, furniture and household. They replace many traditional machines allowing a more rational use of factory space and open new, interesting, and profitable opportunities. Simple design and total capabilities are characteristics of OMAG machines and make them ideal for high production or dingle and original pieces. Sophisticated digital software technology allow to display virtually any idea and takes that idea all the way to the finished part; thus the artist’s skill and ability is developed to the fullest.

STI: Your experience with the Indian market?

MC: We have spent a lot of time in India supplying our machines which have been appreciated by all who have tested it. In India, price is a big factor. OMAG has a large range of CNC machine in order to offer to each customer the best solution for their specific requirements.

STI: Do you any targets for next 2-3 years in India?

MC: I am convinced that this is market where technology will be a must in coming times. Your history of manual carving makes you number one, but you must see the time consumed and the cost of labor involved in such manual production. When you have to compete in the global market, you need efficiency, fast production, and cost optimization in addition to quality, all which is possible with new age technology. The technology gives you the same platform that others have. I am sure, in coming times, OMAG will be able to sell more here in India without compromising with our qualities.


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