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Taking Indian Granite to the World – A SUCCESS STORY

“Quarrying is a very difficult and delicate process. Despite being strenuous you can’t afford to compromise on the way a rock is cut. Which is why, we have found that Volvo CE is ideal for us. From precision to comfort, every Volvo equipment makes even a long shift seem an easy task.”

“While Volvo CE works so hard, why can’t we? Reason why I go to the mine at 4.30 in the morning.”

The Company, The work.

Pearl -1Pearl Mineral and Mines Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top producers, processors and exporters of Indian granite in the country. The granite being mined from quarries are then processed at a factory in South India. Over 80% of the company’s output is exported to countries across the world. And with such a reputable client base, Pearl Minerals, simply cannot take chances when it comes to cost effective and timely production of their product, Quality Granite. Their mines have been in operation since 1993 and a host of equipment, manufactured by Volvo CE is quarrying, loading and hauling the rocks with aplomb ease. Proof of which lies in the numbers; the company’s production has reached to 1500cbm from 150cbm in just 4years- thanks to Volvo CE. Another strong point for performance is the fact that safety and world standards are always top priority. And that can be achieved better with new machines and not used machines.

Volvo loader working effortlessly in Pearl Mineral quarry, is a spectacle to the eye. Right when Pearl Minerals was introduced to Volvo CE, they understood their choice was perfect because when it comes to Quality, no one comes close to Volvo. Pearl’s fleet of 15 Volvo machines constitutes EC360BLC – 6 units, EC380DL- 8 units and L350F- 1 unit. Every machine is designed not only for ease of operation but also for simple maintenance ensuring maximum up-time and minimum expenditure on parts and servicing.

“The bigger the machine, the tougher the demands on reliability. In fact, a big loader like the L350F is like a factory on wheels where revenues far outweigh costs. L350F is a wheel loader that never compromises. As a whole it is fast, smooth, and stable, and lifts almost anything. A durable loader that handles the toughest jobs, L350F is more fuel efficient than other machines in its class” says Mr. Venkata Nagaraja.

Pearl -2Taking about excavators, he says “Power, Speed and Fuel efficiency backed up by aftermarket support is how I would define the EC 380DL an EC360BLC. These machines have the all-in-one-aspect which others seldom do. The right amount of mettle, the right absorption and the right output. Well, it’s just right to own one of these.”

Taking about achievements, he adds with the help of VOLVO CE top quality black galaxy granite is been exported to Hong Kong, China, Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey and other countries.

The machines’ undercarriage and frame have been reinforced to ensure a long service life, while the additional superstructure cover plates prevent damage to the underside of the machine from rock and debris. The machines are protected from damage by overheating; thanks to a hydraulically-driven, electrically controlled cooling fan that activates just when needed, further minimizing fuel consumption and noise. Moreover, Volvo CE’s wheel loaders are a combination of Power, Speed and Fuel efficiency backed by superb aftermarket support.

When asked about the dealer, he joyfully says “Our dealer for Volvo CE is Vijay Engineering Equipment. So far, the experience with them has been as good as it is with Volvo CE. I think it is like a chain of like-minded people getting connected. The dealer has proactive staff, genuine parts, ample stock and an intention to make life easy for us. I’d say they are a gem in their own way.”

Pearl Minerals has tried other competitive equipment and has found that Volvo’s equipment exceeds in performance. At the end of the day, for reliability and maintenance, they have found that Volvo CE is a dependable brand.

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