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SATHYA STONE EXPORTS Opts for ISM SRL’s Barsanti Macchine

News 1A new plant machinery for processing granite blocks to produce polished slabs has been installed and went into production in the new modern factory of Ongole – India of the well known Company “SATHYA STONE EXPORTS.”

SATHYA STONE EXPORTS is part of the PKP GROUP of companies, a Group that is very well active in a multiple stream of business like: mining, transportation, stone processing, agriculture, hospitals and others. As stated in its website’s company presentation: though the group has diverged into various areas, the philosophy of the company is to remain focused on the customer, with no compromise on quality of execution or product. To achieve these important results the management of Sathya Stone Exports has chosen Barsanti Macchine again as machinery and stone technology supplier.

SATHYA GRANITE is a Worldwide Leading Company in stone processing business. The new plant machinery supplied by “ISM SRL” consists of a MDW (multi diamond wire) machine model “MIRAGE2400” on which 84 wires can be installed to cut slabs of 2 cm. thickness or 63 wires while cutting 3 cm. thick slabs and a polishing line with the new model machine “GS+G215-22” with 22 spindles.

The “MIRAGE2400” is a 4 columns gang saw and it is the only fully operative MDW machine that is capable of such cutting capacity. An entire block with a width of up to 245 meters can be processed at one time in few hours (typically 7-8 hours).

The new polisher “GS+G215-22” has been chosen to polish the massive output of the MDW machine that shall foresee a total output of more than 1000 square meters per day of polished slabs.

SATHYA STONE EXPORTS is an old Barsanti’s Customer and already operates in its factory other 3 traditional multi blades gang saws model “ALCIONE 350” and a polisher “GS 18” (18 spindles) since nineties.

Further the new machinery is equipped with a Remote Tele-Assistance System for Maintenance. This System will help the technical staff of ISM in controlling from the very far away office in Italy the operative status of the machines at all time.

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