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Stonera: Distributing Technology

Stonera 1 Stonera 2Stonera Systems is a leading Indian representative and distributor of premier Italian companies manufacturing machineries, consumables and spare parts for stone industry. The company fetches almost entire range of Italian machines and tools required by marble and granite industry. Stone and Tile in India magazine, recently, had a brief interaction with Mr. Naveen Gupta, Managing Director, Stonera Systems Private Limited to know about the company’s inception, evolution, and expectations. Here are excerpts:
Stone and Tile in India: Tell us briefly about Stonera Systems.

Naveen Gupta: Stonera Systems Private Limited is one of the most trustworthy companies involved in supplying a complete range of Italian consumables and spare parts for marble and granite industries. Incorporated in the year 1993, our company always has delivered as per the requirements of our clients. All the companies, we are representing, are world leaders in their respective fields. The company brings innovation to cater to our clients as per their requirements.

STI: You supply range of Italian consumables, machineries and spare parts to stone industry. Who all are your associates?

NG: We supply steel grit from Abrasivi Metallici, pumps and rain units for granite gangsaws from Alfa, hydraulic tensioner and tie-rods and also CNC machines for milling and shaping with up to 6 axis interpolated, lathe and water jet machines from Officine Marchetti and diamond cutting and polishing tools from Diamant-D. We also stock these products (except machineries) in customs bonded warehouse to give advantage to 100% Export Oriented Units so that they may clear the same without paying customs duty.

The company also distributes Glues (Mastics), Epoxy Mastic, Resins, Shiners and Colour Enhancers, Sealants (anti-stain chemicals) and Cleaners from Ilpa Adesivi. In order to complete the wide range of chemicals including Cleaners, Stain and Rust Removers we have also collaborated with Lantania, Italy and Moeller Chemie, Germany who are world famous in their range of products. From ISEP company based in Modena Italy, we supply entire range of epoxies with different features including epoxy for white and expensive marbles with no yellowing, epoxy for Brazilian and other exotic granites and for Block reinforcement. We also distribute entire range of abrasives (including diamond and resin bond) for polishing and brushes for various finishes from Abra Iride. We also supply Fibre Net (Garza) for netting the slabs and also for Block reinforcement.

We also cater to the granite monument industry by supplying polishing pads from Woosuk, Korea. As slowly the market is progressing towards polishing marble and granite floors with polishing pads, polishing discs and Flexible discs for Floor Restoration we are selling these tools as well from the Korean company.

STI: Don’t you supply any machinery from companies other than Italians? Are you planning to tie up with some new machine manufacturers?

NG: Our main focus has been always to supply entire range of consumables; you name any product you require for the marble or granite industry and we have it!! We want to provide one point solution for any needs of the industry. We are also discussing with other renowned Italian companies for supply of machineries which will be updated once it is finalized.

STI: As a company, what are your growth plans in coming 2-3 years?

NG: As mentioned our main focus is to stock entire range of consumable for the marble and granite industry. We are increasing range of products, increasing our focus on North Indian market for which we have increased our sales / technical force and keeping more and more products in stocks so that our customers may not have to wait for the goods to arrive from Italy.

STI: What are your company’s take on customer’s satisfaction? Do you offer any customized solutions as per specific client’s need?

NG: We have always focused on customer’s satisfaction as we believe that if our customers are happy with us, our main marketing job is over as a satisfied customer tells about you to 10 more customers and this is the reason of our steady growth. We are always ready to send our technicians irrespective of the size of the customer and the volume he has purchased. Many a times our technical assistance cost is even more than the cost of the product, but we are always willing to be on the customer’s side.

STI: What are your thoughts on the India stone industry its challenges and opportunities?

NG: The Indian stone industry is becoming more professional and equipped with latest technology and machineries. I believe there are problems in availability of blocks and once this is solved, we can see a big growth in the industry.

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