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Global Ceramics Market to Reach USD 502.8 Bn by 2020

January 19, 2015

The ceramic market is gaining momentum thanks to the revival of construction sector in developed and developing countries. The global market for ceramic products is likely to reach $502.8 bn by 2020, propelled by a revival and growth in the construction business worldwide.

Ceramics in various forms are used in the construction field, be it the sanitary ware or global optical transceivers. The rise of construction in both, residential and commercial sectors across the globe is the major contributor for the rise of the ceramic market with North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific leading the bandwagon.

The production of floor tiles has been gaining momentum in the recent years with a number of new variants like the ornamental tiles, technical tiles, refractory tiles and other aesthetic tiles flooding the market. In the replacement segment various residential items like sanitary ware, façades, kitchen counter tops and ceramic insulations have also seen a tremendous rise in production.


The sweetness of the million dollar rise has also come with a dash of salt. The extreme high temperatures required result in the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting in heavy pollution. This is forcing the manufacturers to turn to environment-friendly manufacturing processes.

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