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RSPCB Proposes Recycle of Marble Slurry to Minimize Hazards

December 19, 2015

Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) has found environment-friendly solutions to the problems occurring at marble quarries, polishing plants, polishing facilities and machineries.

Along with it, the state government has also asked public works department (PWD) and irrigation department to take necessary action for uses of slurry. To minimize the effect on environment, the state government requested National Highways Authority of India to use marble slurry for the construction of 120 km stretch of four-lane road from Gomati to Udaipur.

Meanwhile, an independent study indicates that indiscriminate disposal of marble dust on road sides is causing problems of drainage, flow regime, air pollution and damage to agricultural land.

Acting on these studies, RSPCB is imposing conditions on marble processing units to take steps to reuse and reprocess the slurry generated. The board will now allow the establishment of marble sawing units only on the precondition that mine owners will effectively reuse marble slurry within a year of getting licence.

The marble reserves in India are estimated at 1,200 million tonnes, with Rajasthan accounting for 91% of the reserves. Nearly 70 percent of it is wasted for want of superior technology of mining, processing and polishing marble. The processing waste dumped on the river beds is threatening the porosity of aquifer zones.

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