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DDA’s 2016 scheme to Use Marbles and Tiles

January 4, 2015

DDA is planning to use better quality material for its next scheme slated for 2016. Several applicants to the 2014 scheme had been unhappy over the location, size and quality of the flats with less than 5% 2-3 bedroom units being available. The December 2016 scheme will addresses this issue and 9,400 2-3 bedroom flats have been planned at Narela, apart from other locations like Dwarka, Rohini and Vasant Kunj.

Senior DDA officials said thousands of 2-3 bedroom HIG and MIG flats are being constructed with better quality materials. “The emphasis in the 2014 scheme was on providing maximum one room and one bedroom flats. However, for 2016 we are working to provide thousands of flats with two or more bedrooms and larger carpet area,” said Balvinder Kumar, DDA vice-chairperson.

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