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R. K. Marble, Vietnam – A Flawless Endeavor

RK Marble1AR. K. Marble Vietnam Ltd. is the wholly owned overseas subsidiary of R.K. Marble Private Limited – the largest producer and processor of marble in India and the Guinness Record Holder as the World’s Largest Producer of Marble. With an export to 60 countries, the introduction of “Flawless White” has not only speeded up demand, but the company has obtained a much esteemed position in Vietnam stone industry.
Flawless White marble, exclusively quarried from Vietnam mines, is steadily becoming one of the most sought after marble in the world. In an exclusive interview with Stone and Tile in India, General Director of
R. K. Marble Vietnam Ltd, Mr. Kamala Sogani said, “Flawless White” has grown as a brand. It is a huge success because everyone is appreciating beauty and whiteness of Flawless White Marble. Flawless White Marble has created a new wave.”
STI brings to you the instances of the interview.

Vietnam Operations: The Beginning

R. K. Marble initiated the Vietnam operations eyeing for new business opportunities in 2005. In 2006, R.K. Marble Vietnam Ltd. was established by the Investment License issued by People’s Committee of Yen Bai Province. In Nov. 2008, it was granted the first mining license by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Expansion Mining License in June 2011. The mining operation started in Nov. 2008 together with the construction of basic infrastructure that included internal roads, land compensation and clearance. In 2009, the construction of processing plants began which was for marble slabs and tiles and presently is in best working conditions. It is mentionable that being new in the marble industry, the company has rapidly enhanced the production and exportation with remarkable speed with quarries and factories powered by modern machineries and equipments imported from Italy, India, Belgium and Japan. Moreover, the company believes in continuing the investment for both mining and processing machinery awhile.

Infrastructure Base

R. K. Marble Vietnam has a processing plant for marble which is equipped to utilize small, unshaped blocks from mining operations. The plant is equipped with brand-new, modern, imported machines with 15 block cutters, calibration & polishing line, and edge cutting system. The second processing plant is for slabs.

RK Marble-2This plant is well-equipped with newly imported machineries of high technology from Italy including five gang saw machines with 80 to 120 blades for cutting big slabs, two Breton polishing lines, and a bridge cutting machine. Final products of this plant are polished slabs of various sizes with width ranges from 1 m to 2 m, length ranges from 1 m to 3 m and thickness as per customers’ requirements.

RK Marble-1Speaking on the quarry capacity and production, Mr. Sogani said, “Our quarry has much bigger reserves; we have got the mining license for thirty years for the white marble of which calcium carbonate is the bi-product to be dealt with in the second phase of our operations. The quarry of R. K. Vietnam is located in Yen the Town, Luc Yen District, Yen Bai Province which was granted the mining license by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam with the area of 50 hectares, reserve of 7.9 million cubic meters and 22 million tons of calcium carbonate powder. Also, we are doing about 4000 tons of marble blocks, out of which about 2500 tons are processed there and is exported to more than 60 countries, rest 1500 tons we sell in the form of blocks mainly to Italy, Spain, China and India and the finished product is sold all over the world.”

Here, it is worth mentioning that the quarry of R. K. MarbleVietnam Ltd. is the biggest one in Luc Yen with industrial mining methods powered by modern machineries and equipments. The mining is done from the height of 500m downward using cutting technology of wire-saw machines to cut huge blocks from mountain in which the maximum size of block may reach 10m x 5m x 20m as cut from higher layers to lower layers. This mining technology ensures the labour safety, economization of natural resources and high productivity. Products after cutting are rough marble blocks with six surfaces as cut by wire-saw machine and size ranges from 1 CBM to 8 CBM. These blocks are partly sold to customers, the rest used as input material for processing plants.

Vietnam Operations: Challenges and Success

Making good business is an art, and having said that, it is also required to understand that business never is established without toil, sweat, management, societal and demographic understanding. Affirming the statement, Mr. Kamal Sogani described the journey and said, “Much before becoming the leading producers of Marble in Vietnam, during our initial research we found out that the availability of white marble in Vietnam back in 2005 was poor. Also, we had other hindrances in our way such as the cultural barrier and lack of skilled man power. What helped us here was the advice of the local quarry owners that got us to explore marble mining in Vietnam. And, it was the year 2009 when we overcame all the obstacles and emerged as the 100 percent FDI company in the mining sector in Vietnam with remarkable processing facilities and presently our human resource has exceeded to have 400 workers in our quarry.

“R. K. Marble Group is the world’s largest producer of marble, and as a subsidiary of R.K Group, R.K. Vietnam inherits the worldwide market network of its parent company. Moreover, thanks to some unique features of the white marble in Yen Bai province, R.K Marble Vietnam has the chance to develop and expand to new markets and new customers. Thanks to all these advantages, the R.K. Marble brand, with its product Flawless White, is day by day getting strengthened and improved.”

Vietnam: Market and Opportunities

The stable operation and sustainable development has lifted R. K. Marble to considerable heights making a reputation in the domestic and international markets. The white marble export turnover in Vietnam has been continuously increasing in the recent years contributing to the state budget a hundred billion VND a year. However, the lack of knowledge about marble at present has limited the exploration options which are a concern. Adding on this, Mr. Sogani said, “In Vietnam, there is a big potential, but the market is comprised of consumers who are using mainly granite and porcelain tiles. Advent of information technology, however, is a boon as now we can impart the knowledge about the benefits of the use of marble. As per resources, Vietnam mainly has the white marble, besides it also has granite, basalt and blue stone resources which are widely used. Over the years, stone industry has developed steadily in Vietnam and export business has also been expanding. Although blue stone, basalt, and marble are exported all over the world, granite is widely confined to local consumers due to its poor quality.”

Flawless White

“Flawless White” is a very unique product. Fine-grained material with amazing polishes on the ply paper, this marble is flawlessly white. It is a remarkably good substitute for any other white marble found in the world, and probably is the best possible option in marble slabs ranging from one to two meter. Lovers of white are everywhere, and in this regard “Flawless White’ has created a new wave in the world with its unmatched quality and finish.

Speaking about “Flawless White” as to what makes the marble a stand-out, Mr. Sogani said, “It is the only marble which is pure calcite with acutely low water absorption, just .08, and hardness is very good. It’s the compress strength which makes it the best white marble available in the world. Evolved from pure, natural limestone, Flawless White marble is 99.07% calcite, thus vouching for the purity of highest order. The Flawless White from R. K Marble Vietnam is available in random size blocks, slabs and tiles, or in all international standard sizes and thickness of slabs and tiles.”

Scope and Hope

After the glorious sojourn of successful projects in Kuwait, Morocco, South Africa, Peru, Hanoi, Turkmenistan, R. K. Marble Vietnam is all set conquer new frontiers with “Flawless White” in the global stone industry. “Flawless White” will surely write new industry standards in terms of quality and beauty.

Mr. Sogani delineated the qualities of this new range and the factors that have made it popular; he said, “Flawless has created a new wave in the entire world. Indian Makrana and Thassos were preferred earlier as the white marble across the world. The lack of marble options was a flaw, but this flaw became a boon as it led to the discovery of other marble products in terms of quality. Flawless has created new hope among users around the globe. The deposits were not large thereby prompting us to look out and dig out as many marble reservoirs as possible for future uses. We, the R K Marble Group, have lent great hopes to the Vietnamese market, and that is the reason this marble has gained so much popularity.”

He added, “We are increasing our production capacity in Vietnam due to increasing demands; also, we have increased the capacity of the gang saw this year and have put a stock yard facility. We are studying the possibility of using the bi-product, the waste- material in the form of calcium-carbonate. There is lot of potential and opportunities which we need to capitalize into new capacities. And, business that makes nothing but money is a poor business, thus our aim is to reach potential customers with best of our services and deliver the best of us.”

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