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Mahi Granites: Trading Trends and Expansion

Mahi1AMahi Granites Pvt Ltd (MGPL) is an ISO 9000-2001 certified company which specializes in granite quarrying and processing. MGPL has been awarded the prestigious export award by the Capexil, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, for its consistent export performance since 2004. MGPL, now, is exporting its products to USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Turkey, UAE, Libya, Tripoli and Lebanon.
In an exclusive interview with Stone and Tile in India, Executive Director Mr.Manoj Kasyap, a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Strategic Management from Harvard, shares with us the company’s successful journey, competition and challenges providing us valuable insights about the enterprise.

Here are some excerpts from the illuminating interview:

Infrastructure and Machinery

Started in 2004, MGPL currently has a processing capacity of 5,00,000 sq m per annum of granite slabs. The company registered a sterling expansion and growth ever since. Sharing information about the new advancement in the company, Mr.Manoj said, “We have added the new Breton 72 wire machine which has been operational since February of this year. We are happy with the results and in a position to assert that this is the future of the industry.”

Taking a round-about, MGPL is equipped with fully automated Breton Multi saw, six gang saws, two Breton polishing lines, fully automated resin lines, also six bridge saws, Pelligrini Flaming Machine, Commandulli Edge Profiling Machine and several other related machinery.


Mahi-1Mahi Granites Pvt. Ltd. has its own quarries of Coffee River White, Coffee Brown, Tan Brown and an exclusive quarry of the color Giallo Arctic/Verde Fusion .

“Last year, we supplied about 3,50,000 sq ft of Verde fusion to the New Terminal of Mumbai International Airport,” said Mr. Manoj. He further elaborated, “Having quarries is a right way to move around. We have to be in thorough readiness in a competitive market such as this like our Brazilian counterparts. Owning quarries and colors is their main strength. We, therefore, know exactly where the market is heading to.”

For quarrying, Mahi Granites is equipped with state-of-the-art quarrying equipments, which include 30 tonne capacity 10 Hitachi Excavators, one Caterpillar Loader, fiveTamrocks, one Trimmer, one Exca Drill and several dumpers and compressors.

Products, Production and Progress

MGPL processes over 60 colors of granite consisting of all the premium colors available in India. It imports blocks from Brazil, Finland, Norway, Namibia, Angola, Madagascar, Syria and Iran for further processing and export of slabs. Currently, three-four containers every day constitute the production capacity of my company. Mahi Granites have grown commendably with many successful projects. The company did several prestigious projects which includes Mumbai International Airport, Bangalore International Air port’s new terminal, ISB Hyderabad, Marriot Hotel Chennai, Infosys corporate office building at Chennai, several residential projects at Hyderabad besides one international project Pearl Qatar.

Mahi Granites: Market and Business

Market is Business and Business is Money. MGPL has shown remarkable financial flexibility since the company was started in 2004. Sharing an outline of the company’s potential market base, Mr. Manoj said, “The major exports, almost 80 to 85%, go to US and that’s our potential market base. We are dealing with almost all the major companies in US. Apart from that, we also supply to companies in Middle East viz. Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Jeddah, and Dubai. Some quantities even go to Germany, Spain and Australia. It is mainly for cut-to-size machines which we use for our projects. As project based opportunity, we sight middle east and Australia as potential markets.”

With extensive industrial experience and consistent relationship building with customers worldwide, “market and business” seems pretty much in line for MGPL.

Here, remarking on customer behavior, Mr. Manoj explains, “From the beginning, what we have understood is that with customers ‘it’s once out of sight, it’s out of mind’. So, we try to stay in touch with customers for better understanding of their requirements. We must also understand the market requirements so that we can stimulate more business opportunities for us. Our single policy has always been that ‘if a customer makes money, you make money. In a customer’s satisfaction lies our profit, our demand.’ ”

Indian Stone Industry, Pros and Cons

Every sector has its own advantages and disadvantages and Indian stone industry is no exception to this axiom, nevertheless it’s a widespread market overall which is consistently booming. Speaking on the market virtues and vices, Mr.Manoj said, “If you consider the entire world, the famous granites are only from few countries like Brazil and china other than India. Brazil is number one, probably India is number two. The amount of colors that we have and the number of companies that are there in India actually finish the product for you.”

But, in spite of the severe competition from Brazil, Indian granite export value has grown with a rate of 23% in 2013-2014. Growing export value is because of the continuous R&D to find out new options for stone slabs and also due to the advent of new technology like multi-wire machinery.

Speaking about prospects, Mr. Manoj said, “I believe that there are more colors to be discovered, but due to many constraints we are not able to do it. However, India will definitely be the future of global granite market. The market in India is one of the biggest potentials to the global economy.”

Mahi Granite: Future Targets

Mahi Granite is quite particular about quantifying the future target to expand its wings in the stone industry both in India and globally. They are focused spectators of the flurry in the stone market the world over and quite determined to etch their mark by innovating and expanding. Owning quarries and adding to the company’s armamentarium new machineries and tools are but part of this strategy. Declaring the company’s stance in this regard, Mr. Manoj said, “Further, our target is to have a set of quarries in which we will develop a stronger base for production and processing and gradually increase them. We aspire to be a “one stop shop” for all the customers across the world.”

Mahi Granites: Expressions in Granite

Mahi Granite has built an image of quality, beauty, uniqueness and trust in the minds of its customers. Serving a wide range of granite slabs with vivid, vibrant and unique textures has steadily created a special place for Mahi Granite in both Indian and Global Stone Industry.

Sharing with us the whole idea behind the “Expressions on Granite”, Mr. Manoj quoted, “It is the expression of joy and contentment one gets viewing one’s kitchen, bathroom, and living room, or so. It is the beauty, the finishing that strikes you. And there’s a famous saying that a thing of beauty is joy forever, we create beauty and promise quality with our wide range. We keep on improving our products as we aspire to see our customers satisfied and highly content with our products. We try to evoke that happiness and satisfaction on our customer’s face every time our container reaches their doorstep…that is the whole idea.”

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