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Levantina : Architecture of Natural Assets with Values and Visions

LevantinaSince 1959 when Levantina was founded, it has grown consistently and with significant international expansion. Today, Levantina is one of the leading Spanish multi-national companies in natural stone industry. With values like excellence in service, maintaining quality and with esteemed team spirit, Levantina visions to be the strategic partner to all customers around the world by providing natural stone solutions to satisfy the demands and market tendencies from mining resources.

Today, Levantina’s products are sold to 110 countries, and its product line includes an impressive range of marble, limestone, sandstone, granite and Techlam® – a groundbreaking ceramic product with a thickness of only 3 mm. It has several quarries which are also the company’s main source of supply. Levantina presently produces 22 million tons a year from its quarries. The company has seven production facilities: six factories in Spain and one factory in Brazil which are acing in engineered marble, limestone, granite and Techlam®.

Recently in Marmomacc 2014 where the company had an impressive stand with their new range of architectural designs, Stone and Tile in India Magazine had had a brief interaction with Mr. Sebastian Fullana, Projects and Marketing Director, Levantina to get a quick overview of the new developments and targets taking place in Levantina. Here’s a report:

New Developed Range

“Levantina has a new quarry of travertine which is called Traventino Vallanca. We have also brought some book matched colors in marble such as Negro Makina and Greek marble called Argos,” declared Mr. Fullana.

He continued, “In addition, we have got our new collection of quartzite coming from different parts of the world and we have also developed new ceramic tiles called the Techlam® with digital printing technology. Apart from this, we also have our standard collection of marbles which are Marron Emperador, Mistral and so. Also, we have got Capri limestones as well as Niwalain sandstones.”

Although Levantina stands with an impressive range, its star products are Crema Marfil from Monte Coto, Marrón Emperador, Spanish Gold, Travertino Vallanca and Mistral. It also presented Crema Marfil tile which offers great competitive advantages with the savings in transport, storage and installation. The fact is that Levantina’s main strength comes from its quarries making it the company with the greatest number of own quarries. These include the Monte Coto quarry in Alicante, Spain.

Future Targets and Expansions

Levantina’s use of the most technologically advanced processes ensures that natural stone has the highest performance and is capable of providing innovative solutions in line with the latest market trends. Levantina is the first Spanish company to manufacture this product using state-of-the-art technology.

Delineating his company’s stand on constant product upgradation, Mr. Fullana said, “We are providing natural stone solutions to satisfy the demands and market tendencies from mining resources. And, we aspire to maintain and keep on expanding our portfolio. We keep on improving our range in marble, granite, travertine, limestone and such to meet the demands of our customers all over the world.”

On being asked about what’s in-store in terms of India, Mr. Sebastian Fullana said, “We are vouching for our expansion in India. We want to penetrate more in the Indian Stone Industry and improve our position and grow our market in future, more than where we stand today.”

Levantina has seven branches distributed throughout the world and 28 own distribution warehouses. The geographical spread of the company is an advantage. This provides accessibility to markets globally and strengthens Levantina to maximize its growth potential by making it more competitive.

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