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BM – The Giant Bear of Stone Machinery

BM-1BM s.r.l. was set up in 1963 by Mr. Giovanni and Mr. Rino Bastianello. Located in the industrial area of Montorso Vicentino, in the North East of Italy, the Monolama BM SUPER was patented in 1967 by Mr. Giovanni and Mr. Rino Bastianello. What rose BM to recognition in the international market is being the manufacturer of BM Super and its development BM SUPER 800.
Enriched with technical innovations, BM specifically studied and solved the problems occurring in traditional gangsaws. BM is among the first to receive important certification by the “Confindustria Marmomacchine” certification that relates to the originality of Italian product and its components. With new developments, technologies and strategies are coming in order; Mr. Carlo Bastianello, General Manager, BM s.r.l. shared an elaborated preface of the company in an exclusive interview with Stone and Tile in India magazine.
BM – Troubleshooting the Traditional Gangsaws

Having the capacity to speed up production with energy efficiency and at a low cost, multiwire gangsaws are taking over traditional gangsaws. The traditional gangsaws are given away for modern multiwire gangsaw because it increases productivity, quality and cost reduction in stone processing. According to experts, the multiwire technology is already becoming the future of stone machinery and with quick succession; the multiwire technology is replacing the traditional gangsaws as a higher value product development. Speaking about the new wave multiwire machinery has brought in the industry, Carlo Bastianello quoted, “after the first year of trials and improvements, we started scaling up production. And to boost production, energy efficiency and value, we introduced Kodiak 76 which we installed in Verona five years ago and then later on came out with Kodiak 20/40.”

BM – The Machinery Expert

BM specializes in construction of frames for the sawing of marble and granite. The products are continuously improved with the latest technological innovations. Today, BM products are sold all over the world because they offer a wide range of machinery that includes traditional gangsaws like chassis single blade for marble, BM Super 800, a development of single blade chassis. Also, frames multilame for marble include Diamond BM 10-15, Diamond BM 40 stroke 600, Diamond BM 50 stroke 600, Diamond BM 80 stroke 800, Diamond BM 100 stroke 800, Diamond BM 80 stroke 1000, Diamond BM 100 stroke 1000. The frames are embellished with exclusive technical innovations, designed to solve all kinds of problems or inefficiencies of traditional frames. “Our experience in machinery is our strongest credit and feedback. Based on this experience, we developed these multiwires. Also, we draw ideas from technologies that we are using in other machines,” Bastianello added.

Developments in India

In India, Trivedi Corp. Pvt. Ltd., situated in Ahmedabad and a leading manufacturer-exporter of Abu Black and Ambaji White marble, are one of the oldest buyers of BM machines; it has installed Kodiak 76 very recently. Also, Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. – a granite processing company situated in Tamil Nadu- is also investing on BM gangsaw Kodiak 76. This is one of the most demanded machines of BM. “We are developing a place in the Indian markets. We are consistently upgrading our services and after sale-services. Also, we have acquired a new cooperation with our agents in India, Mr. Ratnam Raman and his son Mr. Pramod (Nagaswamy Associates). We aspire to have demand, service, and supply in order and make it easier for our customers in India in case of spare parts requirement. We want to promote the multiwire machines and also assist traders of how to operate a multiwire machine as it requires a little bit more accuracy and knowledge in comparison to other machines,” quoted Bastianello.

Changing Trends and BM

Every company has to follow-up the global trends in market and business. Today, 90% of the BM gangsaws are exported all over the world. BM has established a network of agents, importers and offices covering the five continents allowing the company to match the growing needs and demands of customers all over the world. Commenting on the changing trends of the industry, Mr. Carlo Bastianello said, “For the last two years we are conducting extensive R&D understanding the market trends. We scrutinize the machines we have supplied and the ones we will be supplying. Keeping an eye on the demand and supply also keeps us in line with the competitive market. However, I feel that there is no urgency to improve in sales or increase our dimension. All we are targeting at this moment is to transform investments in profit.”

BM – Unique Selling Preposition

The experience BM Machines has acquired over the years, with extensive range of stone machinery, it has become a byword of trust and quality as the heavy machinery producer for the stone industry. Sharing with us what is the unique selling preposition of BM, Mr. Bastianello quoted, “40 years for experience in manufacturing marble gangsaw and traditional granite gangsaw makes us the “strong-holders” in the business. We have improved our machinery; widening the range in multiwire machines is indeed a triumph.” He further added, “The exchange of the ideas is the best way to develop new products. Multiwire is a new machine, thus in the coming year or so, we can eye for big improvements and changes. Thrilled by the response it has received, we are promoting it at the moment. We’re specialist producing ace machinery for anything to everything required for stone processing. As specialization is the core of our company’s policy, we don’t make polishing machines, resin line or block-cutters. We focus in one particular area and know we are the experts in it!”

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