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Chicago Pneumatic’s hydraulic breakers and portable compressors prove great fit for Indian granite quarry

News ChicagoChicago Pneumatic’s hydraulic breakers and portable compressors are proving a great fit for India’s expanding granite building stone industry. A testament to this is Kerala-based granite quarry, National Granite and Hollow Bricks, which is successfully using CP1150 and RX22 hydraulic breakers as well as a CPP60E portable air compressor to perform essential breaking and drilling operations.

Founded in 1998 in the Kannur district of Kerala, in southern India, National Granite and Hollow Bricks currently employs 40 people and is a leading producer of granite building stone. Resistant to wear and tear as well as weathering, this material is currently in great demand across the construction industry, with India being one of the largest exporters of granite worldwide. As part of the quarrying process, the granite rocks resulting from primary blasting need to undergo secondary breaking to fit into the jaw crushers.

In order to effectively perform this operation, National Granite turned to Chicago Pneumatic’s breaking equipment. After a successful on-site-demonstration, the company purchased its first CP1150 rig-mounted medium hydraulic breaker in 2006, followed by a RX22 a few years later. “We are impressed by the toughness and reliability of Chicago Pneumatic hydraulic breakers, which are proving ideal for our quarrying operations,” commented National Granite’s Managing Partner, Mohamed Nazeer. “Having already clocked 10,000 and 5,000 hours respectively, our CP1150 and RX22 are helping us increase our quarry’s overall productivity with low maintenance costs”.

Thanks to their innovative design, featuring limited components and only two moving parts, Chicago Pneumatic’s medium hydraulic breakers are built to ensure high reliability and endurance. Other key features include internal control valves for improved efficiency, a power booster for higher performance and a lower vibration and central lubrication port for easier maintenance. In addition, Chicago Pneumatic’s medium breaker range features dust wipers and ventilation ports for better dust protection, which make it ideal for mining and quarrying applications.

Not only is Chicago Pneumatic’s construction equipment helping National Granite improve its breaking process, but also its primary drilling operations, which precede the blasting phase. In order to effectively power its drills to drill holes in the rocks, the quarry is currently relying on a CPP60E portable air compressor, which has already clocked 5,000 hours of reliable service. “This portable compressor is easy to operate and maintain as well as being reliable and tough”, comments Mr Nazeer, “all these features makes this product a great fit for a very demanding application such as drilling granite.”

A single axle electric driven compressor, the CPP60E has been specifically designed by Chicago Pneumatic to provide compressed air to pneumatic tools such as rock drills and demolition tools. With low rotor speed and a few moving parts, this compressor ensures high reliability and long working life, by minimising wear and tear. In addition, its single high performance two-stage air intake filter prevents dust and dirt particles from entering the engine. Other key features include a user-friendly control panel and canopy doors opening outwards for easy access and maintenance.

Impressed by the quality and reliability of the CP1150 and RX22 breakers as well as CPP60E compressors, Mr Nazeer will continue to rely on Chicago Pneumatic’s support to fully meet the quarry’s needs in the future. “We believe in the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of Chicago Pneumatic’s construction equipment and we also appreciate their effective pre and after sales service”, Mr Nazeer said. “Chicago Pneumatic’s staff are always available for on-site product demonstrations and very responsive when it comes to customer assistance.”

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