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KRISHNA SAI GRANITES : Expanding Capabilities

KSGFounded in 1992 in Andhra Pradesh, India, the Krishna Sai Granites (KSG) Group has come a long way. It currently has more than 12 quarries, 2 state-of-the-art fabrication facilities and 1,400 employees. The Group currently owns around seven Black Galaxy quarries, all located in the village of Chimakurthy, which is approximately 11 miles from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. KSG is a 100 per cent export-oriented unit and sets very high benchmarks in processing, quality of craftsmanship and finishing. It has a production capacity of 600,000 sq. m. and a turnover of around Rs 150 crore. KSG can provide mixed container lot of superior quality Indian granite in bulk quantities. In its quest for perfection, the Group has invested in highly qualified experts and fully trained technicians with considerable experience, to operate and man the latest processing machinery. Today’s KSG is one of the world’s leading producers, manufacturers and exporters of Black Galaxy granites.

To sustain its global competitive advantage, the company adopts a systematic approach to exploiting, renewing and enhancing its core capabilities.

This year it is expanding its capabilities in three ways:

  • Setting up a slab-processing unit just opposite its mines. It has 70 wire Breton multi wire, multi blade cutters, a multi blade gang saw and a tile line with estimated production of 280,000 sq. m. of gang saw slabs and 180,000 sq m. of small slabs.
  • The company is coming up with a state-of-the-art fab shop, the first one in India. It consists of the latest CNC machines from CMS-Brembana and Peligrini spa. The estimated productivity of mixing all the machines is 60 containers per month (minimum).
  • KSG is also planning to have one more unit in Vizag with a combination of multi wire machines. The company will go for its own raw materials from its mines in this sector.

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