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Somany Ceramics Presents Slip-Shield Tiles

Somany 1Tiles have the capacity to deliver a distinctive style to the living areas in our homes, commercial buildings, hotels, entertainment arenas and the like. Tiles are available in an array of colours, textures and sizes to suit every design preference; and Somany Ceramics Limited has always been proactive in taking the lead in innovations in the Indian Ceramic industry, gaining respect for being a first-mover.

Maintaining the tradition, Somany presents its latest development: Slip-Shield Tiles. These tiles are resistant to graze and blemish and, therefore, lend a timeless appeal to the place where they are installed. The most important feature of these tiles is that they are available in various colours to suit all wall colours. Also, they are highly functional in nature and yet very easy to maintain. Tested by CRC Malaysia, these tiles are ideal for

interior as well as exterior flooring application.

Somany 2‘Slip No More’ anti-slip treatment creates an invisible tread on floors that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction even in wet or soapy surfaces, providing the treated surfaces with a safe and efficient grip. It significantly reduces the problem of slipping on dangerous surfaces in wet conditions while still leaving you with stylish and unmarked floors with no dirt application on surface.

Available in size 300×300, all in all, Slip Shield is a revolutionary technology and there is no compromise on designs and aesthetics. Slip-shield tiling is a fashionable and practical way to decorate living spaces and increasing the style quotient. Slip Shield tiles from Somany craft a protective stain-resistant surface and enhance the style quotient of the living space.

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