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Classic Marble Company Private Limited: A Stone Czar

image descriptionEstablished in 1994, Classic Marble Company Private Limited has been sourcing marble stones from more than 40 countries. Its product portfolio, which is as diverse as nature’s natural stone, includes wonders such as Onyx, Travertine, Granite, Composite marble and Quartz (Kalingastone) with over 500 unique designs. As the exclusive marketing partners of Techlam in India, CMC is well on its way to becoming a world leading ‘form and function’ company.

A professionally run group, manufacturing engineered quartz and marble, CMC has a production capacity of over 100,000 square feet per day and exports its products to twenty-one countries across five continents. Its quartz and marble plant itself is on 50 acres (2,178,000 square feet) of land. This highly customised, automated and state-of-the-art plant is fully integrated with robotic systems. CMC’s factory is situated in India, 150 km. away from Mumbai.

Bolstered by a global network across 40 countries, CMC has achieved a reputation for customising products for varied client needs and industry demands. No wonder it showcases 500 stones, including Onyx, Travertine, Granite, Limestone and composite marble and quartz (Kalingastone), and ten to twelve product launches every year.

image descriptionIts standard quartz slab size is 315 x 145 cm and marble slab size is 305 x 125 cm. In quartz it can offer slabs in 1.2 cm, 2.0 cm and 3.0 cm thickness while in marble it can offer slabs in 1.2 cm, 1.6 cm, 1.8cm, 2.0 cm and 3.0 cm thickness.


Ever since its inception, CMC has been strengthening its infrastructure and facilities. Its six showrooms at Silvassa, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bhandup and Worli are a one-stop shop for exclusive marble, onyx, travertine and granite.

It is hard to believe that CMC started within an area of 1,000 sq. yards with a holding capacity of just 10,000 to 15, 000 sq. ft of marble. The company currently boasts of a massive stocking capacity of 30,000 metric tones of blocks in Silvassa and 70, 000 of finished marble at its head office in Mumbai.

Its infrastructure includes four factories spread over an area of 500,000 at Silvassa, and all these factories are well-equipped with automated machines and advanced processing technology. CMC’s natural marble factory consists of 10 marble cutting gang saws, 2 granite cutting gang saws, 200 m long gantry, 2 automated resin filling unit, 3 semi-automated resin filling units, 1 automatic 16-head marble polishing line, 1 automatic 20-head granite polishing line and 2 marble and 1 granite trimming machines.

image descriptionProduct Portfolio

CMC launches a series of ten to twelve unique designs every year. Its design collection is inspired by natural blends and human imagination to give customers the best of texture, tones and technology.

Its natural marbles are procured from world’s leading quarries and manufactured to satisfy a diverse clientele. CMC offers marbles of different colours – white, beige, red, brown, black and grey.

The company also has a huge onyx collection. Onyx is a translucent gemstone type of marble found in various regions of the world; its beauty makes it perfect for both modern and traditional look. CMC’s fantastic onyx collection includes many onyx products – Bianco Onyx, Onyx Esmeraldo, Golden Noir Onyx and many more.

In addition, CMC has an exquisite travertine collection. Sometimes known as travertine limestone or travertine marble, the stone is characterised by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. Travertine is one of the several natural stones that are used for paving patios and garden paths. This collection includes many travertine products – Silver Travertino Elegante, Wallnut Travertino, Noche Classico and many more.

The company also has a magnificent granite collection. Granite is perhaps the most popular surface choice because of its durability and overall beauty. CMC’s granite collection is impressively wide, including products like Black Beauty, Moschino, Amedius, Verde Limon, etc.

The company has focused a lot on engineering Kalingastone – a range of agglomerated stones comprising of agglomerated marble and agglomerated quartz. CMC refers to Kalingastone as the stone of the future – a concoction of colours, designs, patterns and style, a unique combination of Italian designs and state-of-the-art technology. Drawing its inspiration from nature, each block, slab and tile form of Kalingastone takes it colours, designs and patterns from natural stones found in quarries around the globe. Ninety-two per cent of Kalingastone comes from crushed natural stone left over in quarries, making it an environment-friendly marble. Another unique feature of these engineered stones is that they are maintenance-free and consistent in terms of designs, patterns and colours.

CMC has also formed a new association with Levantina, a leading Spanish company in natural stone industry, to market its product TECHLAM® on the Indian market.

Product Quality and Price

The quality of materials used in engineered stone makes the final product a top-quality product. At CMC’s Kalingastone, technology and high-quality materials are used to develop the final product. That is why its products have beauty, superior finish, physical durability and dimensional accuracy. Kalingastone is an excellent combination of technology, constant innovation and creativity.

The company’s polishing, calibration, grinding and surface finishing diamond tools and consumables are of European origin. Its raw materials for stone manufacturing come from Europe and the US as well.

CMC aims to provide quality at attractive and reasonable prices – prices that are at times lower than the ones quoted by the prominent names. In terms of price, CMC always positions itself lower than the prominent market players. In other words, CMC wants to be known among its customers for attractive pricing, great quality and value for money.

CMC’s ‘committed to you’ philosophy has enabled it to set trends and to manufacture top-of-the-range products with a focus on evolving customer preferences, market demands and advanced technologies.

Eco Sustainability

CMC is committed to respecting the environment without causing harm to the eco-system. Its eco-endeavours are directed towards involving customers in its business model to protect the environment, spreading the word of conservation and eco-sustainability across all employees, using cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process, with a special emphasis on improving energy efficiency and saving and recycling water and promoting ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and give commercial value to waste. To maximise renewable energy for product manufacturing, CMC has installed two windmills in Maharashtra.

Green in Every Marble

CMC believes that what it has received from the environment should be respected, restored and replicated. Green stands for responsibility and particularly applies to construction industry. Consumers are looking for environmentally responsible products, and marble is no exception to the rule.

Since marble comes from nature, it is an eco-friendly material for building sustainable structures. As part of natural stone industry, CMC is working towards positioning itself in the ‘green construction community’ industry and striving hard to raise qualities that can further reinforce its sustainability quotient. All this includes recyclability, durability, life cycle, maintenance and care. In addition, CMC gives a lot of emphasis to wastage maintenance, pollution prevention and conservation of natural resources during procurement and production.

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