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MARMOMACC 2013: International Crossroads for the Natural Stone World

VeronafiereThe most important world event dedicated to natural stone, processing technologies, design and architecture is getting ready for the 48th edition at Veronafiere. An un-missable event will be held from 25 to 28 September 2013—an event for all sector operators, designers, building and contract professionals, without overlooking major buyers and business delegations from every continent.

Marmomacc, in fact, is the only exhibition where visitors can find the entire stone sector value chain on a single site—from rough blocks to machinery and the latest innovations in the applied design field using marbles and granites, through to courses and training seminars for architects. It is a show that is not just a showcase but also a major ally of companies. Marmomacc is a promotional platform that by no means comes to an end with the four-day show in Verona, because it continues throughout the year in collaboration with Confindustria Marmomacchine.

At its 48th edition, it ranks as a leading event in sustaining the marble system on the world market in order to promote development of products and technologies and become an increasingly qualified cultural workshop for worldwide trends in stone construction and design.

Marmomacc is the essential fair for operators in the stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from marble blocks to more complex processing, for professionals in construction and contract sectors as well as designers and decision makers seeking success in an increasingly specialised and competitive context.

Marmomacc is the most important international event in 2013 dedicated to marble sector companies – thanks to an integrated system of services combining the quality of the exhibition offering and professional visitors, contacts and penetration on outlet markets, attendance by numerous and qualified delegations of international buyers with match-making initiatives, presentation of studies, research, conventions, commercial and cultural initiatives to analyse the stone market and the main topics in the sector at the service of companies. It is a major showcase highlighting the best production traditions and innovation on a national and international scale and international projects, with many initiatives promoting the special features and wealth of natural stone and the expressive potential of stone materials in architecture and design.

The 2013 edition of the show equally pursues its promotion of continual training, technical seminars and programmes for architects. Design and technology come together at the stone fair Marmomacc – by now a fundamental meeting place for a better understanding of current evolution and trends in stone and design sectors.

Trade Sectors Covered

Machinery and technologies for marble and granite

The “marble processing machinery and technology producers” category includes all companies building machinery that is used to quarry and cut blocks of marble and granite, such as quarrying and quarry machinery, block cutting machinery, cranes and hoisting devices, crushing machinery and vehicles and machinery for the final processing of marble, such as polishing machines, edging and finishing machines and surface processing machines. This category also includes accessories, components, equipment and spare parts for such machinery and all other products required for marble processing.

Sales of marble processing technologies and machinery

Sales of machinery and technologies used in the marble sector involve companies that sell (import-export) quarrying and quarry machinery, marble block cutting machinery, polishing machines, edging and finishing machines, surface processing machines and all other products required for processing marble and natural stone.

ColargeHire of marble processing machinery

Marmomacc is also a landmark for the quarrying and quarry processing machinery and marble and stone processing machinery hire sector: from stone block cutting technologies to material polishing, edging and finishing machinery.

Natural stone processing consumables

Marmomacc dedicates a specific exhibition area to trade operators involved in natural stone processing consumables, such as various kinds of tool, abrasive products for marble and granite, diamond tools and chemical products for modelling and trimming slabs of natural stone.

Producers of marble materials

In the marble sector, producers of materials are involved in block quarrying and processing and the production of slabs, as well as polishing and resin finishing of marbles, production of “cut to size” and standard finished products, production of granulates and other finished goods in general, such as stone floors and furnishing, such as marble kitchen tops, shower bases and sinks in marble.

Sales of marble, natural stone and agglomerates

The marble material sales category covers companies involved in the purchase/sale of marble, natural stone and granulates in the form of blocks and slabs of various dimensions and for various applications, as well as tiles and even street furniture materials, such as kerbs and all marble products.

Construction companies

Marmomacc is a leading event on an international scale for the promotion of architecture and design using marble and natural stone; it welcomes exhibitors in the construction sector using natural stone in street furnishing and road building, residential and public building, renovation and other related activities.

Property companies

The marble sector is increasingly involved in the world of design and views property companies as an important channel of interest. Marmomacc also welcomes exhibitors displaying property solutions involving marble.

Marmomacc TablesTechnical offices and authorities

Marmomacc has collaborated for many years with technical offices and authorities such as Local Councils, Provinces, the Regions and, more specifically, marble consortia, trade associations, groups and colleges in the sector, various public authorities directly involved in marble districts and professional orders for the organisation and promotion of cultural initiatives and collaboration-interaction agreements.

Research institutes and universities involved in the marble sector

University professors and researchers, as well as students (architecture and building engineering faculties) play an important role in the marble sector as opinion leaders and are involved in Marmomacc’s cultural and design initiatives as participants and organisers.

Professionals, consultants, designers and services

Marmomacc organises, designs and promotes its cultural initiatives—thanks to the experience of professionals actively involved in the marble sector, such as architects, design studios and designers, as well as engineers and service companies. Marmomacc also works in the world of publishing and the Web – thanks to magazines and specialist websites for the promotion of the event itself – and collaborates with financial institutions and banks for essentially economic aspects or sponsorships.

Marmomacc architecture and design: Culture and education in the natural stone sector

Inside Marmomacc

The 48th edition of Marmomacc once again sees Hall 7B turn into “Inside Marmomacc”, the pulsing heart of culture and training in the natural stone sector. An impressive programme of exhibitions, design experiments, learning experiences and training meetings will accompany visitors during the four days of the event to offer them a chance to exchange ideas involving various issues related to the world of stone.

Along with numerous shows highlighting companies’ efforts in the search for innovative projects and the creative use of stone materials, including collaborations with renowned architects or designers, “Inside Marmomacc” also welcomes a large educational section with projects, proposals and prototypes from various faculties of architecture in Italy and abroad.

The Marble Forum, conventions, conferences, lectio magistralis and seminars are once again a preferential meeting point for architects and designers, sector professionals, students and professors, engineers and technicians who have the opportunity to explore various issues associated with stone products.

Marmomacc and Design – Fluid Stone

Cultural projects at “Inside Marmomacc”, especially include Marmomacc and Design, a project arising from the desire to help exhibiting companies and young designers collaborate on research in the stone design field.

The company/designer path – already undertaken with top quality results in the past – welcomes an important innovation in the 2013 edition: participation of talented under-30 designers to create an ideal link between the past, the present and the future of new generations of creative designers.

Developing the theme of the Fluid Stone project – conceived by Aldo Colonetti and Paolo Baldessari – involved identifying a number of designers specialising not only in traditional design but also in new technologies, visual languages and multimedia tools, who were then matched with companies with the task of interpreting stone in a modern and innovative way, making it more supple and flexible to produce a communications product capable of penetrating the market while always retaining the awareness of the essence of the material and its possible rendering in “objects”.

Best Communicator Award 2013

Within the scope of the numerous cultural, artistic and training projects that Marmomacc promotes with the objective of encouraging growth opportunities in the natural stone market, the Best Communicator Award – now in its seventh edition – has made a distinct name for itself. Considered as a way of highlighting the importance of exhibition spaces as an effective means of communication for natural stone, this award is open to all exhibitors at Marmomacc.

Every year, a panel of experts decides which companies have interpreted their attendance and production quality at the exhibition in the most original and incisive way through their show spaces.

International Stone Architecture Award – XIII Edition

Marmomacc 2013 welcomes the XIII edition of the prestigious International Architecture in Stone Award, the biennial prize celebrating the best architectural projects involving the use of stone materials.

The awards boasts a prestigious jury consisting of renowned historians, critics and professors of architecture: Klaus Theo Brenner, Faculty of Architecture, Potsdam; Alberto Ferlenga, Department of Architecture, IUAV University, Venice; Luis Fernández Galiano, Director of Arquitectura Viva; Fulvio Irace, Department of Architecture, Milan Polytechnic University; and Vincenzo Pavan, Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara.

The jury chaired by Vincenzo Pavan met in March and analysed 29 architectural works implemented in the last two to three years in eleven countries. After a thorough analysis and extensive discussion, the jury chose the following works for their architectural quality and expressive use of stone materials, considering them as representing a panorama of the best achievements on an international scale.

Marmomacc & The City 2013

Returning after its huge success last year, Marmomacc & the City is an exhibition of stone sculptures and installations. It is set up at the centre of Verona and reserved for companies at the main trade fair.

From the opening of the event (25 September) to the end of October, squares and gardens will become an open-air museum where each of the nine companies involved in the project will exhibit one work in stone, thereby extending the perimeter of the event to the city itself.

Organised in collaboration with architect Laura De Stefano, the Verona Order of Architects and Verona City Council, Marmomacc & the City aims to bring stone culture closer to the public at large to stimulate a more modern and contemporary reinterpretation of this ancient material.

Stone Academy 2013

The appointment with the training proposals of the Stone Academy returns again – thanks to the association linking universities, professions and institutions involved in training, research and education related to natural stone architecture.

The network of universities has progressively expanded since its inception in 2005, especially since 2011. The Stone Academy was founded in 2012.

Today, more than 20 universities and professional organisations have joined or take part in training programmes with CFU or CFP recognition – new openings with national and international universities, such as the schools of architecture in Florida and Ljubljana.

In recent years, Marmomacc has played an active role in the promotion and dissemination of what universities are achieving in terms of teaching, research and experiments involving stone architecture.

For the first time, the 2013 edition of Marmomacc will welcome a large group of university centres at a dis-cussion table to determine guidelines for the architecture teaching sector.

Moreover, thanks to the committed efforts made by Marmomacc, by September 2013, the International Master in “Contemporary Design with Stone” by Milan Polytechnic University will have a centre near Verona, which will host courses, visits and workshops, enjoying strong links with the local production fabric.

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